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Evans Vanodine Florazol Freesia - Concentrated Deodoriser Disinfectant Air Freshener - 1ltr

Evans Vanodine Florazol Freesia - Concentrated Deodoriser Disinfectant Air Freshener - 1ltr
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Part number: AIR160
£19.96 inc. VAT


A powerful, highly concentrated deodoriser, disinfectant and air freshener. Ideal for use in washrooms for overcoming malodours and especially effective in care homes and hospitals when incontinent patients have to be considered.

Features & Benefits

  • Very effective, highly perfumed product.
  • Ideal for use wherever malodours need to be overcome.
  • Kills bacteria which cause bad odours and leaves a residual perfume.
  • Effective alternative to aerosols when used in an atomiser or spray.
  • The addition of Evans Vanodine Florazol to the solution tank of hot water extraction machines helps overcome urine, faeces, tobacco and other malodours, when cleaning carpets.
  • Has a neutral pH of 7.
  • Also available in Bouquet, Sandalwood or Lavender perfumes.
  • Sold individually.
  • Full case pack size - 4 x 1Ltrs.

How to Use

Disinfect and Sanitise Hard Surfaces, Toilets and Telephones

Dilute up to 1:20 parts hot water.  Mop or wipe surface.

Spray and Deodorising:

Dilute up to 1:80 parts cold water in an atomiser or spray bottle.

Spray into the air, away from the face.  Do not spray near food or furniture.

If sprayed accidentally onto furniture, wipe off immediately.

Carpets and Fabrics:

Add 50ml (2capsful) to solution tank prior to shampooing, and then use machine in regular manner.


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