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Evans Vanodine EMC Plus Alkaline Cleaner 5ltr

Evans Vanodine EMC Plus Alkaline Cleaner 5ltr
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Part number: FLO043
£8.71 inc. VAT


Evans Vanodine EMC Plus is a heavy duty alkaline cleaner and degreaser, that rapidly removes grease, dirt and heavy soiling from a variety of washable surfaces including safety floors, vinyl, rubber and concrete. It is unperfumed and therefore highly recommended for use in kitchens, food processing areas wherever food is handled or served. Ideal for spray cleaning floors in conjunction with a high speed floor machine and appropriate floor pad.

 Features & Benefits

  • Heavy duty cleaner and degreaser, effective in hot or cold water.

  • Ideal for cleaning safety floors and a variety of surfaces.

  • Will clean quickly and effectively.

  • Suitable for mopping or spray cleaning.

  • Unperfumed, recommended in kitchens and food establishments

  • Sold individually.
  • Full case pack size - 2 x 5Ltrs.

How to Use

GENERAL CLEANING: Dilute 1:200 parts with hot water (25ml per 5ltr) or 2 capsful per 5ltr. Mop or wipe the surface clean.

CLEANING SAFETY FLOORS AND REMOVING GREASE: Dilute 1:50 parts hot water (100ml per 5ltr). Damp mop or machine scrub using a green pad.

SPRAY CLEANING FLOORS: Dilute 1:50 parts cold water (10ml per 500ml). Add 1 tbsp per 500ml hand spray. Spray the floor lightly and burnish to a shine.


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