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Evans Vanodine One 3 Five Bio Laundry Powder - 135 Wash

Evans Vanodine One 3 Five Bio Laundry Powder - 135 Wash
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Part number: LAU084
£29.60 inc. VAT


Evans One 3 Five Bio Laundry Powder is a low foam biological detergent powder for professional use. It has an outstanding cleaning action to remove dirt and stains from all washable fabrics even at low temperatures. Suitable for use in all automatic and on premise laundry machines.

Features & Benefits

  • Easy flow powder will not cake in washing machine drawer.
  • Removes dirt and odours, leaves clothes fresh and clean.
  • Contains coloursafe oxygen based bleach and enzymes to help remove stubborn stains and soiling, leaves clothes fresh and clean.
  • Upto 135 washes per carton.
  • Pleasing residual perfume.
  • Outstanding washing ability at all temperatures, in hard or soft water.
  • Packed in attractive 10kg display cartons.
  • Sold individually.

How to Use


 Dosage Instructions - for a 4-6 kilo wash




 Water Hardness


 Level Of Soiling






 Soft Water




 Medium Water




 Hard Water




 Use 100g For Pre-Wash





HAND WASHING: ½ scoop per 10ltr water. – Dissolve powder completely.

CLOTHES CARE: Always check for colour fastness and wash nonfast colours separately. For flame resistant finishes use only the machine program for fine fabrics (up to 50°C).

Do not soak.



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