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Evans Vanodine P.S.P. - Pre-Soak Powder - 5kg

Evans Vanodine P.S.P. - Pre-Soak Powder - 5kg
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Part number: HSC302
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Evans P.S.P. is a mild alkaline powder which, when dissolved in warm water, will produce a solution to soak cutlery prior to normal washing.

Features & Benefits

  • Formulated to dissolve food debris and protein deposits.
  • Free flowing powder disperses easily in warm water.
  • Economical in use.
  • Also suitable for de-tarnishing silver and silver plated cutlery.
  • Effective in osft, medium and hard water.
  • Contains a pH of 11.1.
  • Sold individually.

How to Use

Cutlery: Dissolve 1 heaped 50ml scoop into 5ltr of warm water. Immerse cutlery for at least 15 minutes. For stubborn stains, overnight soaking may be necessary. Remove cutlery and rinse thoroughly, before washing in the normal manner.

Detarnishing Silver: Use as above, but add a rolled up ball of aluminium, kitchen foil into the solution. The cutlery will then be cleaned by the process of electrolysis.

Please Note: The foil should not come into contact with the cutlery, as damage will occur.



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