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How To Use Rock Salt To Clear Your Drives

30th January 2019, 13:30

Winter has definitely come. The dark mornings, cold nights and unpredictable weather are a stark warning that the coldest months of the year are truly with us. This means that if the snow does arrive and the temperatures drop below zero, you might be unable to get your car off the drive or get down the garden path without fear you will slip over on the ice. All you need to make sure that your driveways and pathways are clear is rock salt, and let us tell you why. 

Why Choose Rock Salt to Clear Your Paths and Driveways?

Rock salt is easy to use, easy to get a hold of and very efficient when it comes to removing ice from pathways. When put rock salt out on the drive before the snow arrives, or when it has settled, it can melt away any ice leaving it much easier for you to get your car out.

How to Use Rock Salt

Before applying the rock salt to the road make sure to try and shovel away and loose snow on the top of the path. This will mean that the rock salt can work on melting away the ice underneath instead. Once you have scraped away the snow, apply the rock salt evenly across the path or driveway. You can spread rock salt manually with a shovel or scoop. For larger areas, or to apply rock salt at greater speed, it may be worth considering a rock salt spinner. These wheeled spreaders offer up to 8 metres coverage with adjustable flow and accurate distribution. Spinners and spreaders come in a choice of manual push-along and vehicle tow-behind models. We recommend using 10 to 15 grammes of rock salt per square metre to help prevent frost and ice forming; and between 20-40 grammes per square metre if snow is forecast. Whichever method of application you use, you should notice the ice starting to melt quite quickly. Just make sure not to get any rock salt on your plants or soil as the salt can affect the amount of growth of certain plants. When the ice has loosened and the snow has melted, you can shovel or brush away anything else that is blocking the drive which means you should soon have a clear driveway. If it doesn’t get every bit of ice the first time you can reapply the rock salt and start the process all over again.

For your safety and comfort, we recommend using appropriate gloves whilst handling and applying rock salt or other deicing product.

Free Advice on Using Rock Salt?

Don’t struggle in the snow and ice this winter, give our friendly Customer Services team a call on 01282 684200 for advice on using rock salt and the best prices and cheap deals on brown rock salt and white rock salt. Thank you.



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