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Evans Vanodine Target Foaming Detergent 25ltr

Evans Vanodine Target Foaming Detergent 25ltr
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Part number: WAS086
£52.54 inc. VAT


Evans Target is a heavy duty alkaline detergent formulated for use in the food process industry by foam, immersion or manual cleaning.

Features & Benefits

  • Powerful foam cleaner for use in the food process industry.
  • Effective removal of food soil.
  • May be used in hard or soft water.
  • Suitable for use in high pressure water and compressed air systems.
  • Has a pH of 13.45.
  • Sold individually. 

How to Use

FOAM APPLICATION: Target should be used at a concentration of 3-6% v/v (30-60mls/litre) at temperatures from ambient to 60C through a pressure wash system fitted with a suitable foam lance. When applied through a pressurised canister applicator the concentration may be reduced to 2-5% v/v (20-50mls/litre) at ambient temperature. The foam should remain in contact with the surface for 5 15 minutes before being rinsed to drain at high pressure, with preferably hot (60C - 70C) potable water.

MANUAL APPLICATION: Target may be applied by brush or abrasive pad at concentrations in the range 1-2% v/v (10-20mls/litre) at 40C-50C. Surfaces should be rinsed thoroughly with potable water.

IMMERSION: Target should be used at a 1-5% v/v (10-15mls/lt) at 50C-80C followed by a thorough rinse in potable water. Target is suitable for use in animal and poultry housing, abattoirs, poultry and meat processors and in general food processing applications.


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